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2019-06-04 - Translations!

This one is long overdue... I've finally added localization for free users!
This also means I could use some help. If you aren't seeing weather entirely in your native language please email me, scott@klimat.app. I only need a few words and phrases translated to fix that.

Na Zdrowie!

2019-04-08 - Choose your own adventure? *

settings page

A big change with a little announcement - sorry, I'm not feeling verbose this Monday. Anyway, subscribers can now choose their weather provider!


* You should always choose your own adventure in life.

2019-03-11 - ⚡Now with even more Emojis!⚡

emoji titles
settings page

You can now add Emojis to activity titles in Strava - and this is a free feature!
I also reworked the settings page to be a little cleaner. Go check it all out, and if you have any questions shoot me an email.


2019-02-25 - ⚡😍😎😻⚡

wind direction icons

Klimat now has icons (emojis) for the weather summary! Go give them a try.

2019-02-19 - A few new details.

Klimat now has average temperature and average apparent temperature fields. Go give them a try.

2019-02-11 - More stats...

wind direction icons

Your activities page now has a few more stats. Check it out!

2019-01-29 - Got the time?

wind direction icons

You can now add the activity start and end times to your weather in either 12 or 24 hour format. Go give it a try!

2019-01-04 - Strava clubs!

Got clubs? Klimat does... I created clubs for running and cycling. Come join the fun!

2018-12-28 - Wind direction arrows!

wind direction icons

It's the little things in life... in this case those little things are arrows... Klimat has arrows for wind direction! (↓, ↙, ←, ↖, ↑, ↗, →, ↘) Go update your template!

Please note that the arrows may look slightly different on different devices, no worries though, they'll always be pointed in the right direction.

Thanks to Klimat user Tim for pointing out how useful these would be.

2018-12-18 - 'Tis the season... for snow around here.

snowmen in the making

(Snowmen in the making)

Life gets busy, especially this time of year. In the middle of it all I'd like to thank to all of you - Klimat's awesome users. If you ever have any questions or just want to say 'hi' email me - I love hearing from you. I'm working on a few really cool new features for 2019. Stay tuned...
Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

2018-11-16 - Activity Feel is live and available to all subscribers!

activity feel

Activity Feel is a measure of what it really felt like when you were out there. Klimat extracts details from your activity and the weather and uses them to calculate the temperature you actually felt during your activity.

Get outside and give it a try!

2018-11-14 - "Bad news, good news" or "It feels kinda like a product now."

settings page
settings page

The past month has been a bit rough. If you follow me on strava you’ll notice I haven’t ridden much. The combination of a few months of stress ending and the kids oversharing their germs left me with pneumonia. I’m finally getting over that and hope to return to cycling in about a week. I can’t wait.

That’s the bad news. The good news is that I had extra time to work on Klimat!

If you used the first version of the service you know it was really simple - no configuration, no settings management - but it worked. People got their weather at-a-glance, in their Strava feed on their device.

In the past month I added a settings page where you can define exactly how you want your weather, an activities page where you can see what conditions you’ve been exercising in and fixed a few odd issues around how Strava deals with data from different devices. I also added a subscription for advanced features to offset the costs of running the service. Klimat is starting to feel like a real product. Neat.

Have something you’d like added to Klimat?
Send me an email, info@klimat.app.

2018-10-16 - Beginnings

At the end of 2007, in a 5 week span, I got a new job, new apartment, new truck and new girlfriend. It was as hectic as it was awesome. There were a number of dedicated cyclists in the new office, but it took a little while for me to be enlightened. After about 8 months I started cycling the 7 miles to work using a borrowed mountain bike. It was fun, but mountain bikes aren't ideal on paved roads so I bought a Trek commuter. I rode that bike nearly every weekday for the next year - I only skipped riding when the roads were too icy/snowy. I also picked up a mountain bike of my own. I was biking at least 14 miles a day, 5 days a week. I was in great shape, I was having fun and I was saving time and money - thanks to traffic most of the time cycling was faster than driving. It. was. awesome.

Then we bought a house, got married, moved to the suburbs and I stopped cycling - it's classic right?.

Fast forward to 2017. Thanks to a friend and avid cyclist, I got back into mountain biking, joined Strava and rode when I could. In mid-2018, thanks in-part to nagging from that same friend, I decided to try road cycling. In July I bought a Specialized road bike and haven't looked back. My only regret is not starting sooner. I recently added a trainer and Zwift to keep the habit going in the winter.

So where did Klimat come from?
In August 2018 I realized my Strava feed didn't have weather info in it. It felt like something was lacking and a quick test seemed to indicate that other people wanted it too. Strava has awesome APIs, so I built Klimat.

What does Klimat mean?
Klimat means 'climate' in Swedish. I used Swedish because Strava means 'strive' in Swedish. I thought it'd be cool to choose a name that had the same lineage.

What else?
The girlfriend I met during those hectic 5 weeks in 2007 has been my wife for years. She continues to amaze. We added 2 incredible kids into the mix too.


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